Advertising Isn't Dead, It's Just Woefully Overfunded

August 10, 2016

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"Brands will always need ways to communicate compelling messages to their target audiences, and consumers will always accept a certain amount of ad interruption if it means they can get free, or lower cost, access to content they want to consume. Also, believe it or not, consumers sometimes even enjoy advertisements. I know people who requested Ikea's catalog, opted in for Victoria Secret's emails, watched the Super Bowl solely because of the commercials, and I even admit to once voluntarily clicking on a Facebook ad. BUT, rest assured all is not well in ad-land. An awakening of sorts is happening amongst enlightened brand leaders who are starting to ask a different question. Rather than debate the viability of the craft, many are now wondering, "How little advertising can my brand get away with?" This is perhaps a bit scary for those who make their living in ad-related disciplines, but this is truly a better question. No business owner started a company because they wanted to advertise. Rather, they wanted to manufacture or sell a great product or service, and engage customers in meaningful ways. Yet, somewhere along their journey, someone convinced them that if they advertised, they could sell more. And in some cases that was true. But there are several negative consequences to that behavior that too often get neglected."

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