Design IS Business (Why the World Needs Leaders with the Skills of Designers)

Lisa Kay Solomon, Patrick van der Pijl, Justin Lokitz

October 05, 2016

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"Many people believe that design is a profession for artists and creative types. In actuality, design is all around us—not just the beautiful things—and it's done by all of us, and it affects all of us. It's not just the things that you own or interact with—like your new favorite shirt or smartphone—that are designed. The process by which they came to be exist was also designed. How the original ideas were conceived, the way those ideas were tested, the mechanics of how they were produced, distributed, sold and delivered—influenced by design. All of it. Design is a disciplined approach to discovering, identifying and capturing value. The good news? Design is a teachable discipline—it has its own process, its own tools and its own way of working. It just hasn't been taught to most of us."

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