How to Turn Your Dreams into Reality—with the Stroke of a Pen

Nora Herting, Heather Willems

September 14, 2016

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"Have you ever dreamed of doing something big in your life—like maybe starting your own business? Have you also had trouble pursuing that dream because you didn't know where to start? Rest assured, you're not alone. Some 67 percent of millennials are interested in starting their own business, while about 54 million Americans now consider themselves freelancers. But turning a great idea into something that will actually earn you a living can be intimidating. You kind of know what you want, but maybe you have a hard time explaining it to other people, let alone knowing if someone would be willing to pay you in return for your product or service. If only there were a way to break it down into more manageable chunks—something you could do that would allow your brain to fully activate in coming up with the answers you need. It turns out there is a first step you can take to start to make your big ideas and dreams come true: You can pick up your pen and start drawing."

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