Leading Innovation From the New Middle

George E. L. Barbee

July 13, 2016

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"There is a new wave of innovation taking place inside many organizations that gives people an opportunity to make important, innovative contributions to business and to society. My beliefs about innovation have evolved and are now centered on three basic tenets: Most of us can be far more innovative in business than we give ourselves credit for—especially when we realize innovation is a lot broader than just invention. We can quickly learn to more innovatively observe and then transfer these innovations from one category to another. Being more innovative is, in fact, learnable and even self-teachable. [...] Innovation is more than an "I" thing... it's a "WE" thing. It is true that we must make a real, conscious effort to improve our own innovation skills. But there are also important changes that we can and should bring about in the organization. Together, this will allow us to begin leading innovation from the new middle."

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