Finding Certainty In An Uncertain World

Jeff Boss

June 14, 2017

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"Of the 200 plus missions I went on as a Navy SEAL, not one went according to plan.

Not one.

Each mission demanded new information faster than before. A pivot. A new direction. Each mission warranted the collective awareness from each team member as to what that new purpose was so we could make decisions that served:

1) The mission 2) The team 3) Each other 4) Ourselves

In order to execute at each level—optimally—we needed three things. We needed to be able to perform as individuals and as a team; we needed to be able to adapt to new information and change on the fly; and we needed to be able to lead—ourselves and each other—through uncertain situations by making decisions and sharing them with the group.

Sound familiar? It should, because business is no different."

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