Your Enterprise as Living System: Success Starts with Knowing the Kind of Business You're Really In

July 26, 2017

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"Profit and non-profit enterprises are living people systems. Embracing this belief (and its implications) will significantly change your leadership for the better. Customers, employees and leaders are not commodities and they are not separate from one another. They are different, but they are not separate. If you take away any one of the three—customers, employees, or leaders—you don't have an enterprise! Enterprises are started by people, led by people, operated by people, improved by people, perpetuated by people, dissolved by people. People create and provide value for people. People are the life of your enterprise. Customers, employees, and leaders are all that is alive in an enterprise and they are inextricably and vitally woven together. The promise that you make to your customer, your culture of employees, and your leadership approach are immutably intertwined."

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