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The Secret to an Engaged Workforce (That Shouldn't Be So Secret)

Aron Ain

October 10, 2018

"Do you want your employees to absolutely love coming to work? Employees who love their work put in their best effort and perform better. They work better in teams. They feel more loyalty toward the company. They stay in their jobs longer. They help you recruit top talent. They come to you with new ideas. And, they make your company stronger. You know all this, which is why you're already working hard to pump up that all-important employee engagement metric. You're paying competitive salaries and benefits. You're offering attractive career paths. You're providing a whole array of attractive perks—social outings, free food, yoga classes, a swank office, flexible hours, the latest technology, maybe even a masseuse on premises. With all this, you think, why would talented employees possibly wish to go anywhere else? There is a reason, one that you might have overlooked. ... You see, employees might join companies because of the money, the perks, or the company's brand, but they leave companies because of their managers."

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