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The Teamwork Imperative

Simon Mac Rory

December 27, 2018

"Teamwork is a (if not the) quintessential and critical element of organizational life. Over 90 percent of what we do in our work lives happens through collaborative effort. That makes teams and teamwork the most important means of output and productivity in the organization. I think most organizations and people would agree with this statement. So you would think that organizations would treat team performance as a strategic imperative, but most do not, preferring to muddle on with poorly performing teams and accepting mediocrity. There needs to be a big attitude change and it needs to be now. [...] Only 10 percent of teams are high performing, a frightening 40 percent are dysfunctional and detrimental to members experiences and lives, leaving 50 percent which are performing—at best—with small incremental results. This is what most organizations accept. I consider this unacceptable, particularly when delivering high performing teams is not rocket science. But it does take effort, it does take strategy, it does take time, it does take budget and, critically, it takes persistence and commitment from the organization, leaders and team members."

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