What is ChangeThis?

January 01, 2023


ChangeThis is our weekly series of essays from today's thought leaders that are meant to evoke conversation by bringing forth new and unique ideas.

Our editorial goal is to be a platform to spread noteworthy ideas from the latest books. The ChangeThis project is the online space we've created for authors to present their best ideas directly to their future readers. When you find the information from an essay remarkable and want to learn more, we direct you to each author's latest book so you can dive in deeper.

This project was initially envisioned by author Seth Godin and was built in the summer of 2004 by Amit Gupta, Catherine Hickey, Noah Weiss, Phoebe Espiritu, and Michelle Sriwongtong. They declared:

Since our founding, our focus as a company has been on business books. When the ChangeThis project was turned over to us in 2005, our pieces followed a similar theme, with many of our essays explicitly emphasizing ideas to make you a better leader or help you build a better workplace.

But, as with our annual Business Book Awards, we've also come to believe that good business books aren't limited just to books about business but also encompass anything that helps you show up as a better human being in any facet of your life. Though the identities we hold at work, at home, and in public may be very different, they are, in the end, deeply intertwined.

To that end, the Porchlight marketing team sources articles that can inspire you, teach you something new, and help you see the world in unexpected ways.

We don't expect every single piece we publish to resonate with you every time. But they may resonate with someone you know. For this reason, we've worked to make every ChangeThis piece as shareable as possible. You can always share the direct link to our online posts or download the PDF version of the article and distribute it freely.

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