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Build Like a Woman: The Blueprint for Creating a Business and Life You Love

June 03, 2024

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From the self-made businesswoman and founder of the global platform Build Like A Woman comes the essential resource to unleash your business, take up space, and create your dream life.



In a world of hustle culture and burnout, women don't want to lean in, they want to lie down. Now more than ever, women are looking to leave the corporate grind to break out into their own entrepreneurial ventures in a way that feeds their life rather than consumes it. But they don't know exactly where to start.

Kathleen Griffith has been in these exact shoes. When she set out to launch her own business she found that the women's business space was big on "go, girl" messages, but short on the gritty details of actually building a business. So she taught herself everything she could, learned from the best minds in business and coached with personal growth experts. She realized, shockingly, that all the "mindset" work paid the highest dividends of all in her business, and that through this process she had developed a proven method for success.

Blending foundational mindset tenets with the practical, actionable, business-building skillsets, Build Like A Woman is for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs who want to start and scale a business AND life they love. From corporate dropouts to side hustlers to recent college grads to full-fledged founders. This is not a regular business book, but an unconventional blueprint for creation. It will shake up any belief that's holding you back, remove any barriers standing in your way and unlock your full potential. Tools you'll get to break ground in business and break through in life:

  • Life Design
  •  Wellness Practices
  • Personal Power
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Money Management
  • Customer Target
  • Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Pitch

Are you ready to BUILD? Let's dig in.


About the Author

Kathleen Griffith is an award-winning founder and top business strategist whose marketing consultancy, Grayce & Co., advises Fortune 100 brands and media companies like Nike and Verizon on how to meaningfully engage with the women who buy from them.


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