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How Work Works: The Subtle Science of Getting Ahead Without Losing Yourself

October 23, 2023

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A unique and revelatory guide to understanding and navigating the unwritten rules of the workplace—the key to achieving success, finding meaning, and staying true to your authentic self in today’s business world.


HowWorkWorks.jpgIn her two decades researching organizations, Michelle King has discovered that people who succeed possess a particularly unique skill: They know how workplaces work. More specifically, to get ahead, they do not rely on the often generic and outdated written formal rules that for a century have defined the workplace. Instead, they have learned to gauge how they should behave and perform by becoming aware of informal (and unspoken) rules that exist just below the surface, rather than “formal” organizational guidelines. In this one-of-a-kind guide, King offers her proprietary framework based on over ten years of research and hundreds of employees who reached leadership positions. By focusing on five key areas -- navigating informal networks; developing self-awareness and awareness of others; learning the skills you need to be adaptive to changing conditions; getting support for your next promotion; and finding meaning and fulfillment at work—King teaches every professional how to understand and make these systems work for them and achieve their career ambitions.

The new world of work requires a new way of working. With more people vying for top positions, a volatile unpredictable global workplace, and an ever-evolving landscape, it is increasingly important for employees to understand how to negotiate the unspoken and intangible elements of workplace culture. In How Work Works, King dispels old myths and provides keen observations about what it means to find belonging, build networks, manage the informal and ultimately thrive at work.


About the Author

Dr. Michelle P. King, PhD, MBA, MA, is a globally recognized gender equality and organi­zational culture expert. She is the host of the popular podcast The Fix and a LinkedIn Top Voice on equity in the workplace. King has been featured in the Econo­mistHarvard Business ReviewFortune, the Financial TimesBloombergTimeBusiness Insider, the Times, and the Daily Mail, and on CNBC and CNN Business. She regularly speaks at major conferences and events, such as Ellevate’s Network Conference, the S.H.E. Summit, and SXSW, and presented a TEDx Chelsea Park talk, It’s Not You, It’s Your Workplace. She is the founder of the Culture Practice, a global consultancy, and is a senior adviser to the UN Foundation’s Girl Up Campaign. She lives in London.


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