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It Begins with Please and Doesn't End with Thank You

November 01, 2021

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PleaseThankYou.jpegWe live in a world where respect, gratitude, and appreciation have been replaced by efficiency, dismissiveness, and even fear of genuine connection. Sometimes, we don’t stare up from our screens and devices long enough to realize there is even another person on the other side of the tweet or email. “Is anybody out there?”

One thing is for sure: this speed of life has taken a toll on our basic use of good manners and etiquette. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the decline of professional business communications. But manners and etiquette can be a powerful tool for business and sales success. It Begins with Please and Doesn’t End with Thank You will show you how to regain those tools and techniques of bygone eras and update them for the digital today.

This how-to guide and go-to resource takes the concepts of “please” and “thank you” into every realm where you engage with clients and prospects—from your first hellos and emails, phone and video calls, to conference rooms and restaurants. With his “return to the personal” philosophy, sales veteran Edwin P. Baldry breaks down the practices, principles, and protocols for successful business dealings and relationship-building. Via tips, tools, and humorous tales, Baldry shows how to tap into the often-overlooked power of manners to improve your business relationships, and how to transfer etiquette into sales performance. 



Edwin P. Baldry is the Co-Founder and CEO of EPBComms, LLC, an international enterprise that connects the worlds of business communications and financial technology. EPBComm’s professional-services portfolio offers strategic communications, sales and marketing, business development, entrepreneurs in residence, live-event and media production, and professional speaking featuring topical humor and deep industry insight.

Baldry is a pioneer in the financial technology sector. In 2003, he and his founding partners launched Institutional Cash Distributors (ICD), which transformed liquidity solutions and risk-management practices for corporate treasuries. Baldry propelled ICD to the top of the institutional marketplace, making it the world’s largest independent money-market fund portal. It currently services over $200 billion in assets under management. Before his tenure at ICD, Baldry served as director of the Institutional Money Fund business at Deutsche Bank/Scudder.

Prior to his financial career, Baldry worked as a stand-up comedian in San Diego, performing at the Improv and Comedy Store and other Southern California venues. Baldry transitioned to slightly more serious public speaking in the treasury/fintech industries. He is a recognized professional speaker with the NSA (National Speakers Association) and has appeared at AFP, ACT, ATEL, and ICD’s international road shows, as both a speaker and a moderator. Baldry and his wife, Gwen, and their two sons reside in Florida.

For more information, visit,, or listen to Baldry’s podcast, EdTalks


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