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Love is Just Damn Good Business

September 16, 2019

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From the bestselling author of The Radical Leap and Greater Than Yourself comes the first book to directly address love as a hard-core business principle that generates measurable results.


LoveJustDamnGoodBusiness-web.jpgMany believe love is a soft skill that you give up to become successful. But today’s winning ventures reveal the opposite: love is a hardcore leadership principle that helps shape winning organizations, brands, and customer experiences.

To achieve leadership and competitive advantage, we need to put love into action, executive coach and bestselling author Steve Farber contends, in Love is Just Damn Good Business, (McGraw-Hill, Sept. 6). In it, he urges us to master the LEAP model for leadership (Love, Energy, Audacity, and Proof), to ultimately “Do what you love… in the service of people… who love what you do.

Real love includes accountability and sets an expectation of excellence. When love is part of an organization’s framework, employees are more loyal, and are more likely to produce products and experiences customers will love, and reciprocate with loyalty and referrals. And healthy employee relationships and customer retention drive consistent, long-term success.

Exploring examples from American Greetings to Bank of America to Scripps Health, Farber reveals why love matters and how you can weave it into your work and leadership style. Leadership is like an extreme sport such as cliff diving: optional and scary, but if you do it well, Farber observes, the satisfaction is unsurpassed. Leadership requires love—not just casual interest—the ultimate motivator that generates energy, inspires audacity, and requires proof.

Deep customer loyalty can only be driven by employees who love their work. Together, leaders, employees, and team members can form a culture where love thrives.



Steve Farber is the president of Extreme Leadership, Inc., the founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, a sought-after speaker and consultant, and the bestselling author of The Radical Leap, The Radical Edge, and Greater Than Yourself.


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