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Making Work Human: How Human-Centered Companies Are Changing the Future of Work and the World

October 05, 2020

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Join the movement to harness the transformative power of people.

Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine built Workhuman with a simple premise: that giving and receiving gratitude would improve performance in any business. Today, that premise has become a global movement and community of people, purpose, and passion behind bringing more humanity to the workplace. The Workhuman movement has drawn in customers that include Cisco, JetBlue, LinkedIn, Merck, Intuit, P&G, and more. And their Workhuman Live conference—whose high-profile speaker list includes Michelle Obama, Brené Brown, Adam Grant, Simon Sinek, Shawn Achor, Susan Cain, and more—inspires thousands of attendees every year. Clearly, they’ve sparked the human revolution.

Their newest book, Making Work Human, reveals how the once-unlikely marriage of positive human values and big data analysis now empowers leaders to build the workplace of the future. They show how to build a culture of critical human needs, where people feel valued, respected, and empowered for who they are AND what they do. Basing their strategy on wide-ranging research, ROI analysis, and real-world case studies, the authors show that when a workplace becomes more “human,” measurable business results like profit, employee engagement, and low turnover follow. Readers will learn how to create a profound connection between employees and the organization by building a sense of belonging, purpose, meaning, happiness, and energy in every person.



Eric Mosley is CEO and cofounder of Workhuman, the world's fastest-growing social recognition and continuous performance management platform. He guides some of the most admired global brands on how to create human-centric workplaces. He writes for Forbes, Fast Company, and Harvard Business Review.

Derek Irvine is Senior Vice President, Client Strategy and Consulting at Workhuman, where, as one of the world's foremost experts on social recognition, he leads the company's consulting and analytics divisions. His writing is regularly featured across major HR publications, including HR Magazine, Human Resource Executive, HR Zone, and Workspan.


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