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Outspoken: Why Women's Voices Get Silenced and How to Set Them Free

July 01, 2019


Veronica Rueckert—a Peabody Award-winning communications specialist and trained opera singer—writes about how "women can learn to claim the power of their voices in the workplace and at home, and what needs to change so they can finally be heard."

Are you done with the mansplaining? Have you been interrupted one too many times? Don’t stop talking. Take your voice back.

Women’s voices aren’t being heard—at work, at home, in public, and in every facet of their lives. When they speak up, they’re seen as pushy, loud, and too much. When quiet, they’re dismissed as meek and mild. Everywhere they turn, they’re confronted by the assumptions of a male-dominated world.

From the Supreme Court to the conference room to the classroom, women are interrupted far more often than their male counterparts. In the lab, researchers found that female executives who speak more often than their peers are rated 14 percent less competent, while male executives who do the same enjoy a 10 percent competency bump.

In Outspoken, Veronica Rueckert—a Peabody Award–winning former host at Wisconsin Public Radio, trained opera singer, and communications coach—teaches women to recognize the value of their voices and tap into their inherent power, potential, and capacity for self-expression. Detailing how to communicate in meetings, converse around the dinner table, and dominate political debates, Outspoken provides readers with the tools, guidance, and encouragement they need to learn to love their voices and rise to the obligation to share them with the world.

Outspoken is a substantive yet entertaining analysis of why women still haven’t been fully granted the right to speak, and a guide to how we can start changing the culture of silence. Positive, instructive, and supportive, this welcome and much-needed handbook will help reshape the world and make it better for women—and for everyone. It’s time to stop shutting up and start speaking out.



Veronica Rueckert is a Peabody Award-winning communications specialist. She was the host of Wisconsin Public Radio‘s statewide news magazine Central Time and the statewide call-in program, The Veronica Rueckert Show. She was also a senior producer and contributor on the national program To the Best of Our Knowledge, distributed by Public Radio International. Her essays have aired on NPR and PRI. She currently conducts media training and national media outreach at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

(And if you're in Wisconsin, you can take your book with you to see the author in person July 9th in Madison, our at our sibling store here in Milwaukee, Boswell Books on the July 26th.)


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