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Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive at Work . . . Wherever You Are

April 26, 2021

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You can thrive and excel when you’re working remotely, if you adopt the mindset, habits and tech tools of professionals who are even more productive outside the office: In REMOTE, INC. by Robert C. Pozen and Alexandra Samuel, you will learn to think like a “business of one,” and transform your remote work experience.


RemoteInc.jpgIt’s not enough to stay sane while you’re working from home: You deserve to thrive and excel. But that’s hard to do when you, your boss or your team are still trying to replicate the way you work at the office, enduring an endless series of video calls while pretending that yes, everyone is wearing pants.

Remote, Inc. shows you a new approach, based on the mindset and habits of people who flourish while working outside the office some or all of the time. These are the folks who manage to get even more done at home, even though you know they’ve got kids or dogs underfoot and somehow fit in a daily run at lunchtime.

Their secret? They think like a “business of one.” That’s how productivity experts Robert C. Pozen and Alexandra Samuel describe the mindset that lets people thrive when they’re working remotely, whether working from home full-time or spending a few days each week in the office. You can follow their lead by embracing the work habits and independence of an entrepreneur – while also tapping into the benefits of collegiality and online collaboration.

Remote, Inc. maps out the principles that drive this entrepreneurial approach and translates them into the specific habits and tools that make remote work productive and enjoyable. It shows you how to:

  • Focus on goals and results instead of the 9-to-5 schedule
  • Wow your managers by treating them like valued clients
  • Beat information overload with a system that prioritizes the most important emails and messages
  • Make online meetings purposeful, focused and engaging
  • Learn to love your colleagues again by building great relationships through online collaboration
  • Plan for success in a world in which many professionals will work remotely

Just as important as making you a professional powerhouse, Remote, Inc. will help you find a balance between work from home, and life at home.



Robert C. Pozen teaches at MIT Sloan School of Management. He was President of Fidelity Investments and Executive Chair of MFS Investment Management, and served as a senior official in both the federal and state government. He is also the author of six books, including Extreme Productivity, one of the top rated business books of 2012. He offers MIT courses for executives on personal productivity, and has been teaching online since the spring of 2020. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Alexandra Samuel is a tech speaker and data journalist who has worked remotely for most of her 25-year career. The co-founder of pioneering social media agency Social Signal, Samuel creates digital content and workshops for companies including Google, Discovery and Sprinklr. Her writing on digital productivity appears frequently in the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review, and she is a digital columnist for the CBC. She holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University, and lives in Vancouver, Canada.


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