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See, Solve, Scale: How Anyone Can Turn an Unsolved Problem Into a Breakthrough Success

March 21, 2022

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Based on Brown University’s highest-rated course—The Entrepreneurial Process—a proven and paradigm-shifting method to unleashing your inner entrepreneur.


SeeSolveScale.jpegThe Entrepreneurial Process—Brown University’s #1 highest-rated course—has empowered thousands of students to start their own companies. You might assume these businesses all started because the founders were born entrepreneurs. You might assume that these folks had MBAs, or worked at fancy consulting firms, or had some other specialized knowledge. Yet that isn’t the case. Entrepreneurship is not a spirit or a gift... but a process that anyone can learn, and that anyone can deploy to turn the solution to a problem into opportunity and social impact.

Danny Warshay, the creator of the course and founder of Brown’s Center for Entrepreneurship, has set out to provide the same set of tools for readers around the world. See, Solve, Scale will overturn the common impression that entrepreneurship is a hard-wired trait or the sole province of high-flying MBA-seekers. It will show anyone a tried and true method for identifying consequential problems in need of solving and an accessible methodology they can learn, master, and apply to solving it.

Combining research-based insights with real-world experience, See, Solve, Scale guides the reader through forming a successful startup team and the three pieces of the process: the problem, the initial small-scale solution, and the scalable long-term solution.

Leveraging Danny’s 15 years of experience teaching liberal arts students, See, Solve, Scale debunks common myths about entrepreneurship and empowers everyone—including those who other entrepreneurship books have ignored and left behind. Its lasting message: Anyone can take a world-changing idea from conception to execution.



Danny Warshay is the founding Executive Director of the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship and Professor of the Practice at Brown University. He began his entrepreneurial pursuits while an undergraduate at Brown as a member of the Clearview Software startup leadership team. Apple acquired Clearview, and since then, he has co-founded and sold companies in fields ranging from software and advanced materials to consumer products and media. Danny received an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. He lives in Providence.


The books for this giveaway are being provided by St. Martin's Press. We have 20 copies available. The giveaway ends on Sunday, March 27th.


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