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The 100 Best Business Books of All Time: What They Say, Why They Matter, and How They Can Help You

July 25, 2016


Our company's leaders tell you what business books are best for any given situation.

Jack Covert started writing book reviews in the year 2000 at the urging of our late owner, A. David Schwartz. Jack was already known as an expert on business books. He had been publishing columns of new releases and 800-CEO-READ's bestsellers in local papers and business journals across the country for years, but his Jack Covert Selects column was the first foray our company took into actually curating the business book genre—to provide not only information, but expert opinion on what was worth giving your attention to every month. That all culminated nine years later in the publication of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time.

People in the company had been trying to convince Jack to write a book since well before I joined the company in 2003. He has a great life story that includes service in the Navy and proprietorship of a storied record store on Milwaukee's East Side. But it took Todd Sattersten entering the company, his unique passion for business books and a recognition that he had a veritable oracle on the subject sitting in front of him, to spur Jack to actually become an author. But it wouldn't be easy. It took them over a year of intense reading and rereading to determine the list and write the reviews. It all happened under the guiding editorial eye of current General Manager Sally Haldorson, and eight other employees in the company contributed words and work to the book's sidebars on things such as "Leadership in Movies" and "The Best Route to an Idea." Its publication with Portfolio in 2009 was one of this company's prouder moments.

The book is now being released in a revised and updated third edition, with five new reviews and a new sidebar on "Expanding the Conversation" to address the fact that women authors are still underrepresented in business books (including The 100 Best) and highlight five of the top women authors in the field.

It's a great read in its own right, but I've always considered it a great reference book, as well. We're not in great need of most reference books these days, because we can look up most things we need to know online. But Jack, Todd, and Sally, with their combined sixty years of knowledge of the business book industry, is one book you'll want to keep on your bookshelf if you're in business. Not only is there great insight in the reviews themselves, but they will help you diagnose whatever business problem you're having and lead you to the best book to solve it.

That's a pretty great value at just $19.00. And, if you pre-order before August 2nd, you will get a second copy free!

And we also have 20 copies to just give away. So pre-order one copy, get a second copy free, throw your hat in the ring for a third, and spread the business wisdom around.

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