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The Secret History of Bigfoot: Field Notes on a North American Monster

February 05, 2024

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From the shrouded forests of the Pacific Northwest to off-the-wall cryptozoological conventions, one man searches high and low for the answer to the question: real or not, why do we want to believe?


SecretHistoryBigfoot.jpg"A winning portrait of America at its weirdest." — Publishers Weekly STARRED Review

Bigfoot is an instantly recognizable figure. Through the decades, this elusive primate has been featured in movies and books, on coffee mugs and beer koozies, car polish and CBD oil. Which begs the question: what is it about Bigfoot that’s caught hold of our imaginations?

Journalist and self-diagnosed skeptic John O’Connor is curious to learn more. So, he embarks on a quest through the North American wilds in search of Bigfoot, its myth and meaning. Alongside an eccentric cast of characters, he explores the zany and secretive world of “cryptozoology,” tracking Bigfoot through ancient folklore to Harry and the Hendersons, while examining the forces behind our ever-widening belief in the supernatural. As O’Connor treks through the shrouded forests of the Pacific Northwest, listens to firsthand accounts, and attends Bigfoot conventions, he’s left wondering—what happens when the lines between myth and reality blur? 

With sharp wit and an adventurous spirit, this heartfelt exploration of a cornerstone of American folklore unpacks why we believe in the things that we do, what that says about us, and how it shapes our world.


About the Author

John O'Connor is a journalist journalist and regular contributor to The New York Times travel section and other publications. He teaches travel writing and lives with his family in Cambridge, MA.


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