Dorie Clark On Business and Books

April 23, 2015


We wrap up our Thinker in Residence with Dorie Clark by asking questions we ask of every author.

"If I can sell as many copies of Stand Out as Ty Inc. did Beanie Babies, I'll be in good shape."
~Dorie Clark

Today, we wrap up our Thinker in Residence with Dorie Clark with a set of questions we ask all authors about business and books, questions that hopefully give you an idea where the author is coming from and what thinking got them to where they are today. We also hope that these answers help expand your reading list, as one of the best ways to learn is to discover what people your respect are reading or have read. Clark's new book, Stand Out, is now available. 
What is the one unanswered question about business you are most interested in answering?

I'm interested in examining further how people can make a living in the new (and increasingly freelance) economy. In Reinventing You, I focused on people changing jobs or careers, and in Stand Out, it's about how to build your reputation. I touch on the question of monetization at the end of Stand Out, and look forward to examining it further. 

What book has influenced your work the most?

Million Dollar Consulting by Alan Weiss is a foundational book for anyone who wants to be a solo consultant, and I've read it many times. His strategies about practical matters like how to structure your contracts are invaluable, and his "write like you speak" literary style is a good reminder that information needs to be conveyed clearly, above all else. 

What is the book you wish you had written (or admire the most) and why?

Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don't by Jeffrey Pfeffer is a compelling read, and also a learned examination of how power operates inside organizations. I felt like I understood far more about human nature after reading it. 

What book are you reading right now?

I just finished The Great Beanie Baby Bubble by Zac Bissonette. It was an informative look at how a viral phenomenon forms and dissolves, and also a light and distracting read for me as I descended into the frenzy of launching my book. If I can sell as many copies of Stand Out as Ty Inc. did Beanie Babies, I'll be in good shape.


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