Mike Mariani in Conversation with Sally Haldorson

Sally Haldorson, Mike Mariani

September 19, 2022


We invite our reading community to come along as we take a deeper look at What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us: Who We Become After Tragedy and Trauma and learn more about author Mike Mariani through this live-streamed interview.

In this series, we invite our reading community to come along as we take a deeper look at new books and learn more about their authors through live-streamed interviews.

This interview with Mike Mariani was conducted by our Managing Director Sally Haldorson on September 7th. Here is the full video of that interview.

Purchase a copy of What Doesn't Kill US Makes Us from our event partner, Boswell Book Company.

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Since graduating with his MA in English literature, Mike Mariani has worked as a freelance journalist, writing for The New Yorker, The Atlantic, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Newsweek, GQ, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, The Believer, Slate, The Guardian, and more. Mike has written about the ethical quandary of expert witnesses in criminal cases involving mental illness, the opioid crisis and its impact on mortality rates, the neuroscience of inequality, and other topics. He lives in Northern California with his wife.


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