Live in Milwaukee: Meg Zucker in Conversation with Sally Haldorson on April 14, 2023

Meg Zucker, Sally Haldorson

March 24, 2023


On April 14, 2023, we will be speaking with Meg Zucker at Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee, WI. Her latest book is Born Extraordinary: Empowering Children with Differences and Disabilities.

Meg Zucker in conversation with Porchlight’s Managing Director, Sally Haldorson

April 14, 3PM CST
at Boswell Books
2559 N. Downer Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211


About the Book

Meg Zucker was born with one finger on each hand, shortened forearms, and one toe on each misshapen foot, caused by a genetic condition called ectrodactyly. She would eventually pass this condition on to her two sons.

Born Extraordinary helps parents of children with differences and disabilities to relinquish their instinctive anxieties, embrace their new normal, and ultimately find joy in watching their children thrive. Also incorporating the stories of other families with visible and invisible differences of all kinds, the book gives parents the tools to meet their children's emotional needs while supporting the whole family unit. Parents learn how best to empower their children to confront others' assumptions, grow in confidence, and encourage dialogue—rather than silence, fear, and shame—around difference.

ORDER a copy of Born Extraordinary from our event partner Boswell Books

About the Authors

Meg Zucker is the founder and president of Don't Hide It, Flaunt It, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission of advancing understanding and mutual respect for people's differences.

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Sally’s mission as Porchlight’s Managing Director is to make Porchlight a great place to work for employees, and a consistently high-performing service organization for everyone in or orbiting the publishing industry. Over her 25 years with the company, she has developed a penchant for business strategy, organizational management, and the history and evolution of business, both as a socio-economic force and a literary genre. She has a Masters in English and Creative Writing and helped craft three editions of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time.

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