Upcoming Author Interview: Ben Katt in Conversation with Sally Haldorson in Milwaukee, WI

Ben Katt, Sally Haldorson

January 10, 2024


We have an exciting in-person interview coming up in February!

Come out to Boswell Book Company for Porchlight's first in-person author interview of 2024! We will be celebrating the publication of Ben Katt's book The Way Home: Discovering the Hero's Journey to Wholeness at Midlife. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2024, 6:30pm
at Boswell Book Company
(2559 N Downer Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53211)

Register to attend for free here

Additionally: Ben will stick around after the interview to sign copies!

Purchase single copies of The Way Home from our event partner Boswell Books for pickup at the event.

If you need copies for your book club, organization, or friends preparing for a mid-life crisis, we at Porchlight Book Company offer competitive discounts on all bulk book purchases.

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A guidebook for those at midlife struggling to find themselves, deftly applying Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to the modern reader’s quest for wholeness.  

Those reaching midlife are often bombarded by messages from society telling them who they should be and what their life should look like. While chasing the three-headed monster (achievement, perfection, and the approval of others), author Ben Katt realized that he had lost himself along the way. The Way Home is a book for those at midlife struggling to find their way back to themselves.  

Katt distills Joseph Campell’s Hero’s Journey into an accessible, ten-step program to help readers move beyond their limitations, find fulfillment, and make the greatest possible contribution to their community and world. Anyone – ordinary, extraordinary, or somewhere in between – can embark upon the Hero’s Journey, leaving the familiar, falling into the unknown, and ultimately rising to wholeness.  

Bringing together personal experience, spiritual wisdom, and well-known mythologies, The Way Home serves as a practical guidebook to inspire and equip people in the second half of life, helping them move from isolation to belonging, from security to surrender, from conformity to wildness. Katt employs a number of tools and rituals to guide readers along the path back to themselves, including solitude, dreamwork, fasting, and meditation.  

About the Authors

Ben Katt is a meditation teacher and life transformation coach who has been leading, innovating, and inspiring at the intersection of spirituality, community, and social healing for almost twenty years. Previously, he led The On Being Project's work in supporting religious and spiritual leaders in the work of social healing. He holds a Master of Divinity degree and was an ordained minister for over a decade. Ben is an expert at adapting ancient personal development wisdom and tools for modern contexts to help people reconnect with their hearts and reclaim their purpose so they can be more creative, impactful, and fulfilled in life and work. Ben lives with his family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Sally’s mission as Porchlight’s Managing Director is to make Porchlight a great place to work for employees, and a consistently high-performing service organization for everyone in or orbiting the publishing industry. After 25 years working in book retail, she has developed a penchant for business strategy, both as a socio-economic force and a literary genre. Happy to put her English and Creative Writing degrees to work, she helped craft three editions of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time, and she reads, writes, and reviews for the company’s marketing team. Sally lives north of Milwaukee with her husband, son, and dog, and, in her spare time, rather doggedly works to perfect her writing skills and her tennis game, unsure which is the more Sisyphean endeavor.

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