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The Hockey Stick Principles: The 4 Key Stages to Entrepreneurial Success

May 24, 2016


With practical and easy-to-follow advice and tips, The Hockey Stick Principles is a valuable handbook for anyone looking to start or grow a business.

The rise of “unicorn” startup companies like Uber, Facebook, and Snapchat have convinced many that now is the time to start the business that has always been at the back of their mind. What many don’t realize is that the startup landscape can be harsh, unforgiving, and full of pitfalls and mistakes that occur to even the most seasoned business professional every day. In The Hockey Stick Principles: The 4 Key Stages to Entrepreneurial Success (Flatiron Books; on sale May 24, 2015; $27.99) Bobby Martin expertly outlines the important steps any fledgling business needs to take in order to achieve healthy and sustainable growth while holding on to the entrepreneurial passions and motivations that are at the root of anyone’s business motivations. Martin’s applicable and impactful advice also includes entertaining stories covering a wide range of founders and startups (and not just the ones we read about everyday), showing that innovation happens everywhere, not just in Silicon Valley.

The American business world is filled with venture capitalists, “hot” new products, and tech stars with personalities and fame that rival Hollywood actors. Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg and billion dollar tech startups like Snapchat and AirBNB dominate news cycles around the world. It may seem like there’s never been a better time to take a chance on starting a new company but with venture capitalists, IPOs, and cutthroat businesses even the most brilliant of ideas can be crushed without guidance to navigate the unsteady waters.

In The Hockey Stick Principles Martin provides an essential handbook for anyone looking to strike out on their own and pursue their passion of starting a new business. Filled with practical and useful information, The Hockey Stick Principles outlines the steps needed to take an idea from conception to profitability. Having seen the mistakes of other young businesses (and making many of them himself) Martin provides a much needed voice of reason for the aspiring entrepreneur, guiding them through the steps of finding a business partner when first starting out (or exploring if having a partner is the best option); discovering the best market for a product and taking it to the consumer; marketing and selling during the early years; and even providing guidance on whether going public or selling the company once it’s been established is the best move.



Bobby Martin has cofounded two successful startups, one of which, First Research, a leader in sales intelligence, was sold to Dun & Bradstreet. He’s deeply involved with five other startups as an angel investor and advisor. Martin is chairman and cofounder of Vertical IQ, a leading provider of sales research insight for banks. He speaks frequently about entrepreneurship at universities around the U.S. and at corporate events. In 2006, he was the recipient of theTriangle Business Journal's "40 Under 40" Award in Raleigh. 

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