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Announcing! The 2010 800-CEO-READ Author Pow Wow

Sally Haldorson

September 21, 2010


The 800-CEO-READ Author Pow Wow is back! The theme of this year’s event is Making Connections. Now, we don’t mean making connections in strictly networking terms—that’s just a bonus.

The 800-CEO-READ Author Pow Wow is back! The theme of this year's event is Making Connections. Now, we don't mean making connections in strictly networking terms—that's just a bonus. As a company, we are interested in helping authors think comprehensively about idea creation and fruition, better connect their ideas with an audience, get books (or web links) to readers and potential fans, meet with people in the know, join the fast-moving world of business ideas and pull ahead of the others. Whether you are new to the Pow Wow or a repeat attendee, a new author or working on your third book, we've crafted an event offering the most current and useful info you will need to make these connections. This year's Pow Wow will be held December 7th and 8th at the national award-winning Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, WI. Here's the agenda: Pre-Pow Wow: The night before the event, we'll have a welcome reception at the 800-CEO-READ World Headquarters. Meet the panelists and other attendees, partake in refreshments, and see the place where all 8CR's business book magic happens! Day One | Industry Insider: We'll begin with breakfast and greetings in the Library Room at the Iron Horse. From there, Day One will cover the fundamentals of launching your idea into the world, featuring the following panels: Publishing: Adrian Zackheim (Portfolio), Clint Greenleaf (Greenleaf Publishing) Bookselling: Tom Wilson (Wiley), Deb Lewis (Penguin) Publicity: Mike Hofman (, Allison McLean (Portfolio), Barbara Cave Henricks (Cave Henricks Communications) Speaking: Stephen Denning (author of A Leader's Guide to Storytelling) Day Two | Spreading Ideas: You've got your idea written and ready, but how do you spread that idea far and wide, give it some horsepower in ways that will resonate and stick with your audience? Day Two's panels will inspire you to act, to make the connections that will propel your idea into the world of business thought. Social Media: Kenneth Gillett (Target Marketing), Phil Gerbyshak (Social Media Sphere) Personal Branding: Sally Hogshead (author of Fascinate) More presenters will be announced before the event date. Stay tuned for updates. Post Pow Wow: If your flight schedule allows, head back to the 800-CEO-READ World Headquarters video room and we'll shoot a brief video of you talking about your idea which we will post on and use for future marketing. *** Cost includes event sessions, buffet breakfast and lunch served on each day of the event, plus group dinner the evening of Day One at Hinterland Gastropub | Lounge. Hotel discount information provided upon registration. To register: click here. Please contact Jon (jon[at] with any questions.

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