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Our (unexpected) End-of-2011 Recommendation List

Sally Haldorson

December 29, 2011


We here at 800-CEO-READ produce a lot of lists throughout the year. We offer a monthly and year-end Inc. /800-CEO-READ Best Seller list.

We here at 800-CEO-READ produce a lot of lists throughout the year. We offer a monthly and year-end Inc./800-CEO-READ Best Seller list. We present another monthly list of Jack Covert's selected titles. We also announce our Business Book Award for the previous year in January. Last year, we posted a retrospective of the Highlights and Happenings from 2010. So I thought we'd close the year with a different kind of list. One of our favorite features in our newsletter, The Keen Thinker, is our list of recommended listening. That's right: we hope to add a little spice to your work day, or your reading time, by letting you in on what music we're currently listening to. Why is a business book seller talking music? Well, the pre-business-book-expert Jack owned a record store, and even though Jack changed careers long ago, it's no surprise that music--both listening to it and making it--is an important part of our office culture. So we give you a peak at what we're listening to so that you can both get to know us better, and get directed toward some music you might not discover on your own. Here's our list of tunes and music makers that we recommended throughout 2011: Jack: Ginjah: Never Lost my Way Heartless Bastards The new Bon Iver Midlake The Avett Brothers Adele, 21 The Decemberists, The King is Dead Hayes Carll, LMAG YOYO John Cale's Paris 1919 Dum Dum Girls Cuckoo Chaos Townes Van Zandt Carol: The McGarrigles, Kate and Anna Leonard Cohen Texas Tornados Hazmat Modine Michelle Shocked Louis Jordan Mozart, La Clemenza di Tito Taj Mahal Trio Imelda May Jon: Arnold Dreyblatt: The Adding Machine Deaf Center Tim Hecker: "RAVEDEATH, 1972" Mohammed "Jimmy" Mohammed: "Takabel!" Makit Dolan Muqam Troupe: "The Uyghur Muqam" Vieo Abiungo: The World is Still Yawning The reissue of the 70s LP of The Master Musicians of Jajouka Diary of a Madman (Yes, Ozzy.) Roy: Katy Melua Tiesto Cyndi Lauper The TeddyBears Tori Amos, the instrumental "Sin Palabras" based on her newest classical CD Night of Hunters Erasure, their 17th studio album, Tomorrow's World The Bangles' new CD Blondie's new CD Panic of Girls Dylan: S. Carey MONO Sharon Van Etten 20 Odd Years by Buck 65 Alice Coltrane's Journey In Satchidananda Xenogenesis Suite: A Tribute to Octavia Butler, by Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble Anything Richard Buckner has ever done, but particularly his latest, Our Blood Moth by Mick Turner Sally locks into a Pandora station that plays Baroque music, said to increase productivity & focus Meg: Barn Owl Timber, Timbre Joanna Newsom: Have One On Me Peaking Lights The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie Todd mans our warehouse area while listening to the blues.

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