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April 30, 2007


One of the sources for our de. icio. us links is the New York Times Book Review.

One of the sources for our links is the New York Times Book Review. They have a convenient email that arrives weekly with the titles they are highlighting. NYTBR doesn't really cover business, but there will be a book from time to time.

This week what caught my attention was the advertisement from Levenger. I am a bit of a sucker for cool notebooks and the ad featured their Circa line. Clicking through, I arrived on their landing page and found Ten Faces of Innovation prominently featured with the copy, "Write a book the IDEO way, using Levenger Circa notebooks." (the notebooks are leaping into my shopping cart at this point).

The most interesting part for our readers here is Tom's story of how he writes books. He uses a method taught him from another Tom--Tom Peters:

Several years ago, my friend Tom Peters taught me how to write a book. He said, "Forget what you learned in school

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