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Submissions for the 2016 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards are now open!

Sally Haldorson

August 16, 2016


Any business book published in the U.S. within the year 2016 is eligible and submissions to the awards are free.

We are now accepting submissions for the 2016 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards!

Celebrating its 10th year, the 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards exist to recognize the best books in the business genre, and all the people who help bring them to life. Awards winners are determined by 800-CEO-READ’s editorial staff, who have a combined 65+ years of business book industry experience. Each book is judged on the originality and applicability of its ideas and quality of the writing. And each winner inspires in us a desire to share the book with friends and family as well as the business community.

For 2016, we have modified our award categories with the explicit goal of recognizing a broader range of books, authors, and publishers. At our company’s heart, we believe in books. We believe books can help create more humane, diverse, modern, and effective businesses. And with its ever-expanding parameters, the business book genre delves into and reflects all aspects of the human experience. Our new awards categories make room for that exciting potential and multiplicity.


Any business book published in the U.S. within the year 2016 is eligible within the following categories:

Leadership & Strategy
Seeing the big picture, making decisions, and inspiring the organization. 

Management & Workplace Culture
Motivating people, guiding processes, and managing projects.

Marketing & Sales
Building audience, creating customers, and driving loyalty.

Innovation & Creativity
Thinking creatively, designing solutions, and fostering entrepreneurship.

Personal Development & Human Behavior
Growing as people, understanding others, and building a career.

Current Events & Public Affairs
Expanding awareness, exploring the world, and building better business communities.

Narrative & Biography
Learning from the stories of individuals, companies, and industries.

Big Ideas & New Perspectives
Imagining the future and exploring possibilities


The submission window closes Thursday, September 29, 2016. Submissions to the awards are free.

More information, the entry form, and instructions can be found here.


Other key announcement dates for the 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards for 2016 are:

  • November 1st - Longlist
  • December 6th - Shortlist
  • January 12th - Business Book of the Year and Jack Covert Award revealed at the company’s awards celebration and publishing industry gathering in New York City

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