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The Celebrity Experience

January 29, 2008


I went to one of my favorite places for lunch last week. It's simply called Soup's On, a great little spot to get, well. .

I went to one of my favorite places for lunch last week. It's simply called Soup's On, a great little spot to get, well... Soup!

It's an art gallery showcasing the works of local artists with an eatery in the back featuring a great view of the Milwaukee River. Awesome to say the least, but that's not the only thing that's cool about it. It's Mary, she makes the homemade soups fresh everyday. Four of them: a chili, a chicken themed concoction, one vegetarian and the other is usually vegan.

But I digress, back to business, so, I came in the other day with a friend of mine and she said hello to each of us by name. We stood in the line with about 10 other people (it's usually like that all the time during the lunch rush). She also said hello's to most of the other people, by name as well. When it was my time to place my order, I asked her about the Pumpkin Basil and was immediately given a sample. I loved it and ordered a large bowl. When the line of customers finally slowed down, she came over and asked my opinion of the soup. She thought about adding peppers or even making it into a chili. I gave her my thoughts about adding various colors of peppers and she said she'd give it a try. Basically, Mary made me feel sort of like Jack Nicholson at the Oscars. Johnny Depp on the red carpet. Paris Hilton....well maybe not like Miss H., but still she treated me like a celebrity nonetheless.

It's not that hard for a company to do this. Donna Cutting's new book: The Celebrity Experience gives great examples of how an organization can do this, no matter what! She emphasizes that too many people say no or can't see a way to make things happen. Cutting gives us six tasks or ways to make everyone feel like a Rock Star.

1. Ask (What if....?)
2. Choose Your Customers over Convenience
3. Think Big
4. Partner with Others
5. Own the Problem
6. Refuse to Be Satisfied

I'm not going to go into each of these steps, you HAVE to get the book and see for yourself! But I will mention one more thing about this book, it also tells you HOW to get the Celebrity Experience for yourself! Yep, it's possible to be on the red carpet yourself! (And just in time for the Oscars.)

Tell ya what, to get the word out to you, I'm going to offer free regular ground shipping on all orders placed on our web site for this book until the first of February. Hurry up and experience The Celebrity Experience (paparazzi not included).

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