December 2015 Business Book Bestsellers

January 05, 2016


Our business book bestsellers for the month of December, 2015

Each month we compile a list of our top selling books. These books are featured on our site, within our Keen Thinker Newsletter, and syndicated through various publications. We hope the popularity of these titles offers guidance for those seeking an interesting and helpful new book. We report our business book bestsellers to The New York Times and Nielsen BookScan. Congratulations to these bestselling authors for December!


1. Who Gets What - And Why: The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design

By Alvin E Roth
Published by Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


2. America's Bank: The Epic Struggle to Create the Federal Reserve

By Roger Lowenstein
Published by Penguin Press


3. Life Is Good: The Book

By Bert Jacobs, John Jacobs
Published by National Geographic Society


4. Driven to Delight: Delivering World-Class Customer Experience the Mercedes-Benz Way

By Joseph Michelli
Published by McGraw-Hill Education


5. Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

By Amy Cuddy
Published by Little Brown and Company


6. I Am Because You Are: How the Spirit of Ubuntu Inspired an Unlikely Friendship and Transformed a Community

By Jacob Lief, Andrea Thompson
Published by Rodale Books


7. Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results

By Robert J Anderson, William A Adams
Published by Wiley


8. Data Driven: How Performance Analytics Delivers Extraordinary Sales Results

By Jenny Dearborn
Published by Wiley


9. Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves

By Adam Levin
Published by PublicAffairs


10. Yes, and: How Improvisation Reverses "No, But" Thinking and Improves Creativity and Collaboration--Lessons from the Second City

By Kelly Leonard, Tom Yorton
Published by HarperBusiness


11. Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss: A Manager's Playbook

By Beverly Kaye, Sharon Jordan Evans
Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers


12. The Go-Giver: A Little Story about a Powerful Business Idea (Expanded)

By Bob Burg, John David Mann
Published by Portfolio


13. Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family

By Bob Chapman, Raj Sisodia
Published by Portfolio


14. Mindful Work: How Meditation Is Changing Business from the Inside Out

By David Gelles
Published by Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


15. Go-Givers Sell More

By Bob Burg, John David Mann
Published by Portfolio


16. Becoming the Best: Build a World-Class Organization Through Values-Based Leadership

By Harry M Kraemer
Published by Jossey-Bass


17. Above the Line: Lessons in Leadership and Life from a Championship Season

By Urban Meyer, Wayne Coffey
Published by Penguin Press


18. The Loudest Duck: Moving Beyond Diversity While Embracing Differences to Achieve Success at Work

By Laura A Liswood
Published by John Wiley & Sons


19. The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization

By Jacob Morgan
Published by Wiley


20. The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life

By Robin Sharma
Published by Free Press


21. X: The Experience When Business Meets Design

By Brian Solis
Published by Wiley


22. The The Click Moment: Seizing Opportunity in an Unpredictable World

By Frans Johansson
Published by Portfolio


23. Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts--Becoming the Person You Want to Be

By Marshall Goldsmith, Mark Reiter
Published by Crown Business


24. The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business

By Patrick M Lencioni
Published by Jossey-Bass


25. You Win in the Locker Room First: The 7 C's to Build a Winning Team in Business, Sports, and Life

By Jon Gordon, Mike Smith
Published by Wiley


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