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December 2019 Business Bestsellers  


Woman of Influence: 9 Steps to Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy, and Thrive

Jo Miller

Products / McGraw-Hill Companies


Be a Startup Superstar: Ignite Your Career Working at a Tech Startup

Steven Kahan

Products / Wiley


What It Takes: Lessons in the Pursuit of Excellence

Stephen A Schwarzman

Products / Avid Reader Press / Simon & Schuster


Trailblazer: The Power of Business as the Greatest Platform for Change

Marc Benioff, Monica Langley

Products / Currency


Stay Positive: Encouraging Quotes and Messages to Fuel Your Life with Positive Energy

Jon Gordon, Daniel Decker

Products / Wiley


Mastering Money: How to Beat Debt, Build Wealth, and Be Prepared for Any Financial Crisis

Norm Champ

Products / McGraw-Hill Companies


Hop, Skip, Go: How the Mobility Revolution Is Transforming Our Lives

John Rossant, Stephen Baker

Products / Harper Business


Make, Think, Imagine Engineering the Future of Civilization


HBR's 10 Must Reads on Strategy for Healthcare

Harvard Business Review, Michael E Porter, James C Collins, W Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne

Products / Harvard Business Review Press


Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life

Susan David

Products / Avery Publishing Group


The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy

Jon Gordon

Products / Wiley


That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea

Marc Randolph

Products / Little Brown and Company


Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It

April Dunford

Products / Ambient Press


The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth

Amy C Edmondson

Products / Wiley


Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine

Mike Michalowicz

Products / Portfolio

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