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February 2022 Nonfiction Bestsellers


The Age of AI: And Our Human Future

Henry a Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, Daniel Huttenlocher

Products / Little Brown and Company


From Strength to Strength: Finding Success, Happiness, and Deep Purpose in the Second Half of Life

Arthur C Brooks

Products / Portfolio


Life Force: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love

Tony Robbins, Peter H Diamandis

Products / Simon & Schuster


Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human Experience

Brené Brown

Products / Random House


Accepted!: Secrets to Gaining Admission to the World's Top Universities

Jamie Beaton

Products / Jossey-Bass


The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward

Daniel H Pink

Products / Riverhead Books


The Awesome Human Project: Break Free from Daily Burnout, Struggle Less, and Thrive More in Work and Life

Nataly Kogan

Products / Sounds True


Sledgehammer: How Breaking with the Past Brought Peace to the Middle East

David Friedman

Products / Broadside Books


The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations

Daniel Yergin

Products / Penguin Books


Healing: Our Path from Mental Illness to Mental Health

Thomas Insel

Products / Penguin Press


The End of Illness

David B Agus

Products / Free Press


Letters to the Sons of Society: A Father's Invitation to Love, Honesty, and Freedom

Shaka Senghor

Products / Convergent Books


The Genesis Machine: Our Quest to Rewrite Life in the Age of Synthetic Biology

Amy Webb, Andrew Hessel

Products / PublicAffairs


The Operator: Firing the Shots That Killed Osama Bin Laden and My Years as a Seal Team Warrior

Robert O'Neill

Products / Scribner Book Company


Salt in My Soul: An Unfinished Life

Mallory Smith

Products / Random House

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