60 Days to a Greener Life: Ease Eco-Anxiety Through Joyful Daily Action

60 Days to a Greener Life: Ease Eco-Anxiety Through Joyful Daily Action

By Heather White

60 Days to a Greener Life will give readers daily insights and powerful information on how to adopt a more sustainable, joyful lifestyle and ease eco-anxiety.


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Book Information

Publisher: Harper Horizon
Publish Date: 04/09/2024
Pages: 144
ISBN-13: 9781400341290
ISBN-10: 1400341299
Language: English

Full Description

Are you worried about the climate crisis? Are you suffering from eco-anxiety? Do you want to help but you're not sure how? Do you want to learn how to make greener choices? If you answered yes to any of those questions, author and environmentalist Heather White's 60 Days to a Greener Life is the resource you need.

You can read an entry every day or at your own pace. Each entry provides valuable insights and easy-to-apply ways you can live a more eco-friendly, joyful life. Each entry includes:

  • a topic or question related to our world.
  • an easy-to-understand explanation of ways you can adjust your lifestyle.
  • an energizing prompt that gives you simple ideas on how to apply what you've learned.

60 Days to a Greener Life will teach you about:

  • eco-anxiety, how to manage it, and why individual action matters.
  • climate change, recycling, and greener, sustainable school lunch choices.
  • connecting to nature and wildlife.
  • volunteering and how to jumpstart conversations about good environmental practices.
  • renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, organic food, and GMOs.
  • toxic chemicals, plastic pollution, safe drinking water, and more.

Heather White is the founder of OneGreenThing.org. She directed environmental education advocacy at the nation's largest conservation organization, served as executive director to an environmental heath watchdog in Washington, DC, and led the nonprofit partner to Yellowstone National Park. She's been featured on Good Morning America, CBS, PBS, ABC, and quoted in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Teen Vogue.

About the Author

Heather White, the woman Erin Brockovich calls the "Brene Brown of the environmental movement," brings two decades of environmental advocacy work and national nonprofit leadership to life with her joyful and practical book, One Green Thing: Discover Your Hidden Power to Help Save the Planet.

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