90 Days to C.E.O: A Guide To Avoid Business Pitfalls And Unlock The Secrets Of Entrepreneurship

90 Days to C.E.O: A Guide To Avoid Business Pitfalls And Unlock The Secrets Of Entrepreneurship

By Rochelle Graham-Campbell

90 Days to C.E.O The story of how a college student scaled from a kitchen-made beauty brand to a global, multi-million dollar debt-free company. Learn the mistakes, mishaps, triumphs, and tips no other C.E.O will tell you.


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Book Information

Publisher: Black Onyx World
Publish Date: 02/11/2020
Pages: 422
ISBN-13: 9781087855943
ISBN-10: 1087855942
Language: English

Full Description

Like so many of us, Rochelle Graham-Campbell was a broke college student working multiple jobs to make ends meet. From working at a local nursing home and delivering newspapers to waitressing at Olive Garden by night, her entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well. After Rochelle's "big chop" in 2008, it was this same spirit that led her to make and sell her own natural haircare products when the market let her down. From a tiny bathroom in her college apartment, Rochelle began filming her haircare journey, soon becoming one of the pioneers of natural hair vlogging on YouTube. Prompted by dozens of women inspired by her hair growth, Rochelle realized her calling. With just $100 in tips from a night of waitressing, she bought the first set of bottles and ingredients to formulate her own products. These kitchen concoctions soon became Alikay Naturals, Rochelle's solution to beauty without compromise. From humble beginnings, Alikay has blossomed into a wildly successful bootstrapped business now sold in Target, CVS, Rite Aid, Kroger, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and top beauty supply stores and salons across twenty-two countries. Now in her tenth year of business, Rochelle shares her journey from server to beauty founder and breaks down the mindset behind her success. Covering the hustle, self-care, and purpose beyond profit, 90 Days to C.E.O is a comprehensive no-BS guide to starting and running a successful business.

About the Author

Rochelle Graham-Campbell is the C. E. O and Co-Founder of Alikay Naturals, the affordable solution to beauty without compromise. Beauty without compromise means products that are inclusive of all hair types, textures, and needs, and that do what they say they will.

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