Accidental Bookseller: A Personal Memoir of Foyles (Hardback)

An Accidental Bookseller: A Personal Memoir of Foyles (Hardback)

By Bill Samuel

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A memoir of Bill Samuel's relationship with his family's business Foyles Bookshop, its founder his grandfather William Foyle and his aunt Christina Foyle


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Book Information

Publisher: Puxley Productions Ltd
Publish Date: 06/24/2019
Pages: 174
ISBN-13: 9781916078208
ISBN-10: 1916078206
Language: English

Full Description

A very personal memoir of the author's relationship with the iconic and much loved bookshop Foyles of Charing Cross Road in London. From fond childhood memories of his eccentric and brilliant grandfather William Foyle, 'the Barnum of Bookselling' and his aunt, the beautiful, charming, witty, self centred and at times utterly ruthless Christina Foyle, to the 21st century rejuvenation of a dying family business, An Accidental Bookseller will appeal to all who have their own memories of Foyles.

About the Author

Bill Samuel was born into the Foyle bookselling family. After qualifying as a chartered accountant his path through life took him from Surrey via Denmark, East Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean to Charing Cross Road where he played a major role in rebuilding his family's business Foyles Bookshop.

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