As the World Burns: The New Generation of Activists and the Landmark Legal Fight Against Climate Cha

As the World Burns: The New Generation of Activists and the Landmark Legal Fight Against Climate Change

By Lee Van Der Voo

Award-winning investigative journalist Lee van der Voo reports on Juliana v. the United States. Combining unparalleled access to the plaintiffs and reporting on the natural disasters that form an urgent backdrop to the story, van der Voo shares a timely and important story about the environment, the law, and the new generation of activists.


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Publisher: Timber Press (OR)
Publish Date: 09/29/2020
Pages: 284
ISBN-13: 9781604699982
ISBN-10: 1604699981
Language: English

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"The story of Juliana v. United States and the committed young people behind it will give you hope in the next generation." --Elizabeth Kolbert, author of The Sixth Extinction Do our children have a right to inherit a livable planet? Is the government obliged to protect it? Twenty-one young people from across America have sued the federal government over climate change, charging that actions promoting a fossil fuel economy violate their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property. Their trial could be the civil rights trial of the century, but the government has used arcane legal tactics to stymie its progress at every turn. As the World Burns by investigative reporter Lee van der Voo follows the plight of the young plaintiffs, chronicling their legal battle as their childhoods are consumed by another year of drought and wildfire, floods and hurricanes, and the most tumultuous political season in modern history. As the World Burns is climate breakdown like you've never seen it--through the eyes of the young.

About the Author

Lee van der Voo is an award-winning investigative and environmental journalist. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Slate, The Guardian, and others. Lee's reporting has received the Logan fellowship, the Alicia Patterson Foundation Fellowship, an Investigative Reporters and Editors Award, and the Lizzie Grossman Grant for Environmental Health Reporting.

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