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Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

Robert M Sapolsky

"A behavior occurs--whether an example of humans at our best, worst, or somewhere in between. What went on in a person's brain a second before the behavior happened? Then Sapolsky pulls out to a slightly larger field of vision, a little earlier in time: what sight, sound, or smell caused the nervous system to produce that behavior? And then, what hormones acted hours to days earlier to change how responsive that individual is to the stimuli that triggered the nervous system? By now he has increased our field of vision so that we are thinking about neurobiology and the sensory world of our environment and endocrinology in trying to explain what happened"--


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Book Information

Publisher: Penguin Press
Publish Date: 05/02/2017
Pages: 800
ISBN-13: 9781594205071
ISBN-10: 1594205078
Language: English

Full Description

Why do we do the things we do? While scholar, endocrinologist, MacArthur Fellow and Stanford University professor Robert Sapolsky concedes this is a “big, sprawling mess of a topic,” he is up to the challenge. From neurobiological impulses that spur an act—good or bad— to the nature of free will, Sapolsky tackles the science of human behavior with formidable knowledge and a distinct sense of humor.

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