Behemoth, Amazon Rising: Power and Seduction in the Age of Amazon

Behemoth, Amazon Rising: Power and Seduction in the Age of Amazon

By Robin Gaster

Behemoth, Amazon Rising explains how Amazon transformed from a niche bookseller into a $280 billion giant, why Amazon is just getting started, and what this means for competitors, partners, workers, and consumers.


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Book Information

Publisher: Incumetrics Inc.
Publish Date: 03/01/2021
Pages: 382
ISBN-13: 9781736001202
ISBN-10: 1736001205
Language: English

Full Description

Amazon is the most extraordinary business story of our time. In 25 years, it's become a $280 billion multi-sector giant, and within 5 years, Amazon may be the biggest company in America. Behemoth, Amazon Rising explains how Amazon built five interlocking rings logistics, Amazon Prime, the Amazon Marketplace, everyday low pricing, and constant innovation. The rings work together to create a moat too deep to scale around Amazon's retail empire.

But Amazon is not just any company. It's brilliant, agile, cold, efficient, amoral, incredibly innovative, secretive, scary, seductive. It's entirely customer-obsessed - which is great for customers, but not necessarily for producers. And there is no end to Amazon's ambitions, as it marches into logistics, cloud services, publishing, groceries and much more.

That relentless growth will test us profoundly. Behemoth describes those challenges and shows how to handle them - if we are smart, committed, and prepared to match Amazon's long-term perspective with an equally bold vision of our own.

About the Author

Dr. Robin Gaster is president of Incumetrics Inc. (a data and program evaluation consultancy), a visiting scholar at George Washington University, and a nationally recognized expert on innovation and small business.

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