Benoy Kumar Sarkar: Restoring the Nation to the World

Benoy Kumar Sarkar: Restoring the Nation to the World

By Satadru Sen

This work locates Benoy Kumar Sarkar, one of the foremost Indian sociologists, within the intellectual history of modern India. It shows how Sarkar was instrumental in constructing the idea of a national identity, and engages with his views on nationalism, masculinity, the nation-state, and their contemporary relevance.


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Book Information

Publisher: Routledge Chapman & Hall
Publish Date: 11/01/2015
Pages: 208
ISBN-13: 9781138822504
ISBN-10: 1138822507
Language: English

Full Description

This book explores the life and times of the pioneering Indian sociologist Benoy Kumar Sarkar. It locates him simultaneously in the intellectual history of India and the political history of the world in the twentieth century. It focuses on the development and implications of Sarkar's thinking on race, gender, governance and nationhood in a changing context.

A penetrating portrait of Sarkar and his age, this book will be of great interest to scholars and researchers of modern Indian history, sociology, and politics.

About the Author

Satadru Sen is Associate Professor of South Asian History at the City University of New York. He is the author of Savagery and Colonialism in the Indian Ocean: Power, Pleasure and the Andaman Islanders (2010), and other works on the history of discipline and race in modern India.

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