Business Travel Can Be Fun!

Business Travel Can Be Fun!

By Robert Naggar

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A series of humorous and thoughtful essays from a seasoned business traveler who wants people to take delight in finding out about new places, people, and cultures, to encourage them to travel as much as possible.


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Book Information

Publisher: Banyan Tree Press
Publish Date: 05/23/2017
Pages: 136
ISBN-13: 9781936449941
ISBN-10: 1936449943
Language: English

Full Description

Having a tough time travelling?



"Business travel has been my main activity for the past 45 years. I really never thought about it as "fun," but I must admit that, in his superb writing style, Robert Naggar has the talent to make it a riot! Please don't tell your boss about the book because if you do, you might find it hard thereafter to get paid for your trips! Good job Naggar! Airport security searches and other travel pains will never be the same again: I'll laugh about them all the way home!"

Joseph Ninio, businessman, Monte-Carlo.

Here are twenty-three of the many hilarious and sometimes hair-raising incidents author Robert Naggar experienced in the course of a long business life. They are all true, even the most improbable ones such as "Rough trip for Herbert."

Intensive business travel is often tiring, boring, nerve-wrecking. But the seasoned traveler knows that nearly every journey offers that fleeting moment of drama or mirth which, when taken with the legendary sense of humor of the frequent traveler, can make each trip a memorable and often thrilling experience.

"I hence affirm with no hesitation, sustained by lots of tales to prove it: Business travel is fun!"

Robert Naggar

"Never in my wildest dreams would I have said that traveling from New-York to Tokyo or from Sao Paolo to Paris for business would be fun. After reading this book, I realize how much I missed. I now manage to turn even highly upsetting situation into humorous moments. Naggar has a knack of making one laugh at most 'travel problems.' When travel is part of one's life, that is so relaxing! Thanks Robert."

Maurice Perpignan, businessman, San Paolo.

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