Charm Carver

The Charm Carver

By David Shuch

This Nautilus Book Award Finalist for distinguished literary contributions to spiritual growth features the story of Simon, a carver of charms. His charms are not trinkets or jewelry but keys to open hearts.


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Book Information

Publisher: Intergrative Arts Press
Publish Date: 12/01/2005
Pages: 93
ISBN-13: 9780976813606
ISBN-10: 0976813602
Language: English

Full Description

Madeline, a wise, old woman, speaks of the time in her youth spent in the presence of Simon, a charm carver. But Simon's charms are not trinkets or jewelry but keys to open hearts. In twenty-one chapters cast in a style between prose and poetry, Simon reveals a higher love and shows healing as the ultimate quest for those who can hold a strong inner wish. Simon comes as a healer of souls but only for those who have come to even faintly sense their inner state of brokenness. The Charm Carver is the perfect gift for any meaningful occasion, and is meant for any reader in search of inspiration.

About the Author

David Shuch is the author of three books-- Doctor, Be Well: Integrating the Spirit of Healing with Scientific Medicine , published in 2003; The Charm Carver, published in 2005; and Letters to A Young Healer , published in 2018.

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