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Chasing Daylight: How My Forthcoming Death Transformed by Life

Eugene O'Kelly

"I was blessed.

I was told I had three months to live."

On May 24, 2005, Eugene O'Kelly stepped into his doctor's office with a full calendar and a lifetime of plans on his mind. Six days later he would resign as CEO of KPMG. His lifetime of plans dwindled to 100 days, leaving him just enough time to say goodbye.

"Chasing Daylight" is O'Kelly's honest, touching, and ultimately inspirational memoir completed in the three-and-a-half months between his diagnosis with brain cancer and his death in September 2005. Its haunting yet extraordinarily hopeful voice reminds us to embrace the fragile, fleeting moments of our lives--the time we have with our family, our friends, and even ourselves.

It is an eloquent confirmation that our lives and the people in them are temporary joys, but the time we spend enjoying them is never lost. And if we conquer our fears even the fear of facing the end of our lives and leaving behind those we love--we can conquer anything.


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Book Information

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Publish Date: 12/04/2005
Pages: 179
ISBN-13: 9780071471725
ISBN-10: 0071471723
Language: English

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Full Description

At 53, Eugene O'Kelly was in the full swing of his life. He enjoyed a successful career and drew happiness from his wife, children, family and close friends. Then in May 2005, Gene was diagnosed with late-stage brain cancer. This is his account of his final journey.

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