Constructivist Coaching: A Practical Guide to Unlocking Potential Alternative Futures

Constructivist Coaching: A Practical Guide to Unlocking Potential Alternative Futures

By Kim Bradley-Cole and Pam Denicolo

This book makes constructivism and its flexibility of application across diverse coaching situations readily accessible and easy to apply in the real world, and includes both case vignettes and further reading suggestions throughout.


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Book Information

Publisher: Routledge
Publish Date: 10/13/2020
Pages: 224
ISBN-13: 9781138310896
ISBN-10: 1138310891
Language: English

Full Description

Based on the philosophy of Personal Construct Psychology (PCP), constructivist coaching is interested in how people interpret their own lives and how they 'construct' their sense of reality within their social world. Relationships, social context, individual thought processes, identity, and active learning are all fundamental aspects of this approach.

Using a range of methods and practical applications, these expert authors bring constructivist coaching to life for the first time, enabling the reader to quickly grasp both the meaning of the approach and how to apply it. The aim is to work flexibly with your coachees, allowing them to lead the coaching process to unlock what they did not know or realise about themselves and reach greater self-understanding and self-acceptance, and to enable them to engage in meaningful change. With a wide range of examples offered, the methods covered in the book can be used flexibly across contexts, as either a holistic coaching philosophy or an extension to your existing coaching tools.

Constructivist Coaching is an invaluable practical guide for coaches, managers and occupational psychologists, along with anyone else who is involved in supporting the personal development and learning of others.

About the Authors

Kim Bradley-Cole is a Senior Lecturer at University of Winchester, a Chartered and HCPC registered Occupational Psychologist, a qualified psychological test user, and a certified coach.

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Pam Denicolo is a chartered constructivist psychologist and Professor Emeritus from the University of Reading. She was instrumental in establishing an inter-university Social Science Graduate Centre before her retirement from the University of Reading and later contributed to its further development in her consultancy role at the University of Surrey.

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