Cosplay Fabric Fx: Painting, Dyeing & Weathering Costumes Like a Pro

Cosplay Fabric Fx: Painting, Dyeing & Weathering Costumes Like a Pro

By Julianna Franchini

Marquise Cubey, veteran cosplayer and professional costume designer shares little-known painting, dyeing, and weathering techniques you can apply to fabric to get exactly the look you want, every time!


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Book Information

Publisher: C&t Publishing / Fanpowered Press
Publish Date: 11/15/2022
Pages: 128
ISBN-13: 9781644032374
ISBN-10: 1644032376
Language: English

Full Description

Elevate your costume-making skills to the next level!

Getting exactly the look you want and achieving knock-out special effects can be as simple as weathering or painting on fabric, but strategically damaging or adding paint to your costume can be intimidating - what if you get it wrong?! Many cosplayers are adept at sewing up costumes but have no idea how to add details and effects that help tell a story. Marquise Cubey (Julianna Franchini), a veteran cosplayer and industry expert, demystifies paint, tools, and techniques to help you add fabric painting and weathering to your arsenal of costume effects!

  • Learn how to manipulate paint on fabric and add weathering to your arsenal of costume effects

  • Create special effects like metal, dirt, burns, blood, wear and tear, and rust, plus shading techniques, with detailed how-to instructions

  • Enhance your tiny details and give your props and costumes more dimension than ever

About the Author

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Julianna Franchini, known by her online alias Marquise Cubey, has a background in pattern drafting/costume production for television and theatre and has brought many of these skills to the cosplays that she makes and sells.

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