Decisions Over Decimals: Striking the Balance Between Intuition and Information

Decisions Over Decimals: Striking the Balance Between Intuition and Information

By Christopher J Frank, Paul F Magnone, and Oded Netzer

"Today's leaders must make critical decisions under greater complexity than ever before. While technology has made our lives easier, leaders need to manage the waves of ever-increasing information and ever-decreasing time to analyze data thoughtfully. They fear casting a decision that's not right, not smart, or no decision at all.


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Book Information

Publisher: Wiley
Publish Date: 10/04/2022
Pages: 256
ISBN-13: 9781119898481
ISBN-10: 111989848X
Language: English

Full Description

Become a confident leader and use data, experience, and intuition to drive your decisions

Agile decision making is imperative as you lead in a data-driven world. Amid streams of data and countless meetings, we make hasty decisions, slow decisions, and often no decisions. Uniquely bridging theory and practice, Decisions Over Decimals breaks this pattern by uniting data intelligence with human judgment to get to action -- a sharp approach the authors refer to as Quantitative Intuition (QI). QI raises the power of thinking beyond big data without neglecting it and chasing the perfect decision while appreciating that such a thing can never really exist.

Successful decision-makers are fierce interrogators. They square critical thinking with open-mindedness by blending information, intuition, and experience. Balancing these elements is at the heart of Decisions Over Decimals.

This book is not only designed to be read - but frequently referenced - as you face innumerable decision moments. It is the hands-on manual for confident, accurate decision-making you've been looking for; the rare resource that provides a set of pragmatic leadership tools to accelerate:

  • Effectively framing the problem for stakeholders
  • Synthesizing intelligence from incomplete information
  • Delivering decisions that stick

Strike the right balance between information and intuition and lead the smarter way with the real-world guidance found in Decisions Over Decimals.

About the Author

CHRISTOPHER FRANK is a Vice President in the Global Advertising and Brand Management team at American Express. He is a senior strategist at the intersection of marketing, analytics, and commerce developing superior strategies applied to global markets working with B2B and B2C products.

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