Demanding More: Why Diversity and Inclusion Don't Happen and What You Can Do about It

Demanding More: Why Diversity and Inclusion Don't Happen and What You Can Do about It

By Sheree Atcheson

Be the change and learn how privilege, unchecked and unconscious biases and allyship are the key to making diversity and inclusion a reality.


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Book Information

Publisher: Kogan Page
Publish Date: 04/27/2021
Pages: 240
ISBN-13: 9781398600546
ISBN-10: 1398600547
Language: English

Full Description

Look around you. Is your workplace as diverse and accepting as it should be? From accusations of racism in high political office, award-winning actors admitting the sets they work on aren't inclusive, to everyday occurrences of sexism, ageism, racism and more, we are far from where we need to be. Demanding More is THE diversity and inclusion book you need to read. Moving beyond HR speak, this book clearly explains what diversity and inclusion are and what it means in the everyday experience of millions of people, both at work and in life. Sheree Atcheson, Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Valtech and ex Monzo, draws on her experience as a young woman of colour in an overly white male tech environment; she lives and breathes the issues she writes about. In Demanding More, she calls out the lack of awareness around privilege, unchecked and unconscious biases and details what intersectionality does to feelings of discrimination and disadvantage. Arguing that the best strategy for us all to adopt is allyship, where we all take ownership of the issues and stand up to bias or discrimination, this book will give us all tools and strategies to action every day, making us accountable to delivering change around us.

About the Author

Sheree Atcheson is Group Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion at global business transformation agency Valtech. As an award-winning leader, she works across regions and industries providing thought-provoking, boundary-breaking leadership training to business executives to develop data-driven diversity and inclusion strategies.

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