Economics of American Judaism

Economics of American Judaism

By Carmel Chiswick

Covering areas such as Jewish Studies, Economics of Religion, Sociology of Religion and Immigrant Religion, this book is required reading for all those interested in how economic environment influences the practice of Judaism in the United States.


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Book Information

Publisher: Routledge
Publish Date: 11/24/2009
Pages: 200
ISBN-13: 9780415780049
ISBN-10: 0415780047
Language: English

Full Description

This book collects in one readily-accessible volume the pioneering research of Carmel U. Chiswick on the Economics of American Judaism. Filling a major gap in the social-scientific literature, Chiswick's economic perspective complements that of other social scientists and historians. She demonstrates clearly that economic analysis can deepen our understanding of the historical experience of American Jewry and provide insights into its current situation. The author applies the methodology of modern labor economics to examine how America's unique economic environment in the twentieth century provided a context for the ancient Jewish religion to adapt to new circumstances. The development of distinctively American synagogue movements is linked to the economic assimilation of American Jews and their rapidly rising levels of education, social assimilation, and changing family structure. The economic perspective gives a fresh insight into questions of the long-run viability of Judaism in America. In a final section, economic analysis is applied in a novel way to highlight the symbiotic relationship between American and Israeli Judaism.

About the Author

Carmel U. Chiswick is Professor of Economics at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

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