Economics, Rational Choice and Normative Philosophy

Economics, Rational Choice and Normative Philosophy


Leading international experts in the field of normative social choice theory, complemented by experts in economic methodology and political science discuss the major developments arising from collaboration between experts in these cognate disciplines.


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Book Information

Publisher: Routledge
Publish Date: 02/01/2009
Pages: 192
ISBN-13: 9780415435802
ISBN-10: 0415435803
Language: English

Full Description

Following Amartya Sen's insistence to expand the framework of rational choice theory by taking into account 'non-utility information, ' economists, political scientists and philosophers have recently concentrated their efforts in analysing the issues related to rights, freedom, diversity intentions and equality. Thomas Boylan and Ruvin Gekker have gathered essays that reflect this trend.

The particular themes addressed in this volume include: the measurement of diversity and freedom, formal analysis of individual rights and intentions, judgment aggregation under constraints and strategic manipulation in fuzzy environments. Some papers in the volume also deal with philosophical aspects of normative social choice.

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