Everyday Impact of Economic Reform in China: Management Change, Enterprise Performance and Daily Lif

The Everyday Impact of Economic Reform in China: Management Change, Enterprise Performance and Daily Life

By Ying Zhu, Michael Webber, and John Benson

Examining the impact of economic reform on everyday life in China, this book explores how changes in the employment relationship have affected the enterprise performance, the quality of working life and the livelihood strategies for individual households and families in China.


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Book Information

Publisher: Routledge
Publish Date: 09/23/2013
Pages: 202
ISBN-13: 9780415731393
ISBN-10: 0415731399
Language: English

Full Description

During the past 30 years, China has undergone extensive economic reform, replacing the government's administration of enterprises with increasing levels of market-oriented enterprise autonomy. At the heart of the reform are changes in the employment relationship, where state control has been superceded by market relationships. These reforms have had far-reaching implications for many aspects of everyday life in Chinese society. This book appraises the impact of the economic reforms on the employment relationship and, in turn, examines the effects on individual workers and their families, including salaries, working conditions and satisfaction, job security and disparities based on location, gender, age, skill, position and migrant status. In particular, it focuses on how changes in the employment relationship have affected the livelihood strategies of households. It explores the changing human resource management practices and employment relations in different types of enterprises: including State-Owned Enterprises, Foreign-Owned Enterprises and Domestic Private Enterprises; throughout different industries, focusing especially on textiles, clothing and footwear and the electronics industry; and in different regions and cities within China (Beijing, Haerbin, Lanzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Kunming). Overall, this book provides a detailed account of the everyday implications of economic reform for individuals and families in China.

About the Authors

Min Min recently graduated from the School of Management at the University of South Australia with a PhD thesis on 'Mediating mechanisms underlying strategic human resource management and high performance work system in China'.

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Ying Zhu is Professor and Director of the Australian Centre for Asian Business, University of South Australia, Adelaide Michael Webber is an Honorary Professor in the Department of Geography at Melbourne University John Benson is a Professor in the School of Business at Monash University Malaysia and an Adjunct Professor in the Monash Business School, Monash University Australia.

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John Benson is Professor of History at the University of Wolverhampton. Laura Ugolini is Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Wolverhampton.

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