Fertility Rules: The Definitive Guide to Male and Female Reproductive Health

Fertility Rules: The Definitive Guide to Male and Female Reproductive Health

By Leslie Schrock

"Leslie Schrock is back with the first preconception guide for both male and female fertility. Based on cutting-edge science, Fertility Rules offers a holistic plan for every age and stage of the process, whether you're planning to conceive or in the throes. Unlike some other fertility books, it also includes practical content tailored to help the mental health of prospective parents"--.


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Book Information

Publisher: S&s/Simon Element
Publish Date: 06/06/2023
Pages: 352
ISBN-13: 9781668000144
ISBN-10: 1668000148
Language: English

Full Description

The ultimate science-backed approach to understanding fertility. Bringing a baby into the world isn't always easy, and the challenge often starts with the decision to conceive. Leslie Schrock's Fertility Rules is your practical guide through that process, drawing on cutting-edge science to provide advice every step along the way, from the complexities of pre-conception planning to the nuances of conception itself and what to do if you run into challenges. Fertility Rules is the first preconception guide for both male and female fertility, and includes advice tailored to help protect the mental health of prospective parents from the stress, anxiety, and disappointment that often accompany the journey. Fertility Rules answers every question you've ever had (and others you didn't know to ask) about fertility, including:
-How to understand your cycle, identify your fertile window with period tracking, and when to stop birth control when you're ready to conceive
-Understanding how to improve sperm count and other key aspects of male fertility
-Fertility diets and the true impact of nutrition and supplements
-How endocrine-disrupting chemicals and climate change influence fertility
-Navigating in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other fertility treatments including egg freezing and sperm cryopreservation
-Finding the right clinic and doctor and questions to ask in appointments Bringing her trademark humor and candor, Schrock proves once again that she is an invaluable companion for women and men who want a modern approach to understanding their health. Fertility Rules leaves you prepared to face the joys and challenges of making a baby and excited to get started.

About the Author

Leslie Schrock is an author, entrepreneur, and investor working at the convergence of health and technology, primarily in women's and family health.

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